SECTION 1. Qualification. – Membership in the NPC shall be open to Filipino citizens at least eighteen (18) years of age who adhere to the principles, policies, objectives and programs of the NPC, subscribe to its purposes, and accept its conditions for membership.

Junior Membership shall be encouraged and organized in all Chapters, and shall be open to all Filipino citizens between the ages of fifteen( 15) and seventeen ( 17) years old.


SECTION 2. Multi- Party Membership. – Membership in another” political party is strictly prohibited and·shall be a ground for immediate expulsion from the NPC, unless such membership is otherwise authorized by the National Central Committee. However, membership
in civic, business or other similar organizations whose principles, policies and objectives are not. contrary or against those of the NPC, is allowed and even encouraged in order to enhance the character and status of the NPC members.

SECTION 3. Application for Membership. – An application for membership may be filed with the Barangay, Municipal, City or Provincial Chapter where the applicant resides, or directly with the National Central Committee.

Filipinos who reside abroad may file their application for membership
either with their own Local Chapter or with the National Central

SECTION 4. Approval. – An application Jor membership filed with the local chapters shall be forwarded together with its recommendation to the next higher chapter, which shall act on the application by majority vote. Inaction by the higher chapter after 30 days from receipt shall be deemed an approval of the recommendation.

SECTION 5. Appeals. – Objections to an approval or denial of an application by Municipal or City or Provincial Chapter shall be appealable to the National Central Committee whose decision shall befinal.

SECTION 6. Rights and Duties. – The rights and duties of a member are:

a. To attend and participate in all meetings and other activities of the Party;
b. To vote in meetings wherein he is authorized in accordance with this Chapter;
c. To be voted for any position of office in the Party wherein he possesses the corresponding voting power and requisite qualifications;
d. To be entitled to assistance and support from the Party and all .its members;
e. To protect and promote the good name of the NPC;
f. To observe and promote the principles, policies, objectives and programs of the Party;
g. To lend personal and pecuniary support for its electoral campaigns, programs, and others intended to enhance the interest of the Party; and
h. To faithfully comply with the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws, as well as the order and directives of its duly constituted officers and/or governing bodies.

SECTION 7. Loss of Membership. – Membership from the Party
shall be lost by:

a. Voluntary resignation from the Party;
b. Affiliation with or active support of another political party and/or opposing the Party’s official candidates, unless otherwise authorized by the National Central Committee as
provided in Section 2 of this article;
c. Candidacy in opposition to an official candidate of the Party; and
d. Commission of acts inimical to the interest of the Party.

Loss of membership under paragraphs a, b and c shall be automatic. In the case of paragraph d, hearings shall be conducted by the corresponding bodies authorized by the National Central Committee to determine the innocence or guilt of the member/s involved.

SECTION 8. Appeals. – The separated member may appeal the decision under paragraph d, Section 7, to the next higher body and then finally to the National Central Committee whose decision shall be final.

SECTION 9. Re-admission to the Party. – The same procedure for admission shall apply and be complied with for re-admission to the Party. However, re-admission to the Party should be processed and membership conferred at least one hundred fifty (150) days before the date of any election.