SECTION 1. The NPC shall have the following Chapters:


a. The Barangay Chapter;
b. The Municipal or City Chapter; (for Component Cities within a Provincial Chapter).
c. Provincial or City Chapter (for Highly Urbanized Cities and NPC accredited Independent Component Cities); and
d. District Chapter.

The National Central Committee shall have the authority to create, modify, alter, abolish, or merge existing chapters and those which may be hereafter created when it deems such act warranted provided that there shall be at least one chapter in each Province.

SECTION 2. Composition. – The Chapters shall be composed
of all the NPC members in good standing who are residents and registered
voters therein.

SECTION 3. 0fficers. – The following officers of the Local Chapters shall be appointed by the National Central Committee upon consultation with the Local Chapter concerned:

a. Chairman;
b. Secretary;
c. Treasurer; and
d. Legal Counsel

SECTION 4. Tenyre of Office.- – The tenure of office of Chapter
Officers shall be three (3) years counted from the time they were appointed and until the appointment and qualification of their respective successors.