SECTION 1. The National Convention. – The National Convention is the supreme authority of the Party which has the final decision on all matters, issues or conflicts involving the Party or its members.


a. Promulgate and adopt the Party’s National platform;
b. Amend and adopt the Constitution and By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Party;
c. Select and nominate the Party candidates for President and Vice-President;
d. Elect the national officers of the Party; and
e. Act upon such matters and transact such business as it may deem necessary or appropriate.


1.2 COMPOSITION – The National Convention shall be composed of the following:

a. The National Officers of the Party;
b. All the members of the National Central Committee, and the Advisory Council;
c. All the incumbent elective national officials;
d. All the provincial chairmen;
e. All past Presidents and Vice – Presidents of the country elected as NPC;
f. All past Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and City Mayors elected as NPC;
g. All the Municipal and City Chairmen; and
h. Such other individuals as may be authorized by the National Central Committee.

SECTION 2. The National Central Committee. – The National Central Committee shall be the highest administrative and operational arm of the Party.


a. Implement the decisions, policies and programs of the National Convention;
b. Fix the dates for the calling of the National Convention meetings and sessions;
c. Act on membership application filed with the Provincial, City and District Chapters;
d. Exercise overall control and supervision over the various chapters and organizations of the Party;
e. Propose amendments to and/or revisions of the Party Constitution and By-Laws;
f. Decide upon the appeals made by the Party members who where expelled from the Party by their respective chapters;
g. Resolve -all City, Provincial and District controversies arising from the choice of the official candidates of the Party, as well as chairmanship controversies;
h. Create such other positions and committees as it may deem necessary; and
i. In general, have all the powers of the National Convention when the same is not in session except the authority to amend provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Party.

SECTION 3. Composition.The National Central Committee shall be composed of such members as may be provided by the National Convention.