SECTION 1. 1.Structure and Functions. The Party shall establish and maintain a Party Institute, the affairs to be managed and controlled by a board of eleven (11) trustees, with the Party President as Ex – Officio Chairman of the board. The other trustees shall be appointed by the National Central Committee upon the recommendation of the Party President and shall serve at the pleasure of the Committee. The Board of Trustees shall meet once a month and upon call of its President. The Institute shall have the following functions:


1. To conduct seminars, workshops and other similar activities for the purpose of:

a. Assisting the Party and its governing bodies in drafting and reviewing from time to time the Party Platform of government, Constitution and By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations;
b. Facilitating the dissemination of the Party vision and platform to the general Party membership; and
c. Preparing prospective candidates of the Party for electoral exercises.

2. To undertake studies on:

a. Legislative measures and executive issuance necessary to translate the Party vision and platform into policies; and
b. Policy papers on matters of public interest or concern on which the Party may be expected to take stand.

3. To engage the services of and compensate experts and consultants to assist the Institute in its work; and

4. To perform such other functions as may be assigned to the Institute from time to time by the National Central Committee or the Party President.

SECTION 2. Executive Director. The Institute shall have an Executive Director, appointed by the Board of Trustees, who will be responsible for its day-to-day operations. He shall render to the National Central Committee a performance report regularly once every quarter and, additionally, as often as may be requested by the Committee.

SECTION 3. Budget The Institute shall submit to the National Central Committee a budget at the beginning of each calendar year. The Board of Trustees is authorized to solicit and raise funds for the projects and operation of the Institute.