SECTION 1. General Policy. As provided for under Section
14, Article II of this Constitution, the Party shall participate in the Country’s political processes and management of the affairs of government, both national and local.

SECTION 2. Local Elections. Chapter organization may adopt such measures and strategies, not inconsistent with the directives of the National Central Committee, as they may deem necessary for meaningful participation in elections and victory of their candidates.

SECTION 3. Nomination. The National Central Committee shall act as the Nominating Committee. The following procedural requirement shall apply:

a. Party members aspiring for an elective position shall declare in writing such intent and the position desired, and submit the same to the National Central Committee;
b. The National Central Committee shall set the standard requirement for qualifications and the procedure for selection;
c. The National Central Committee shall attempt to resolve conflicting interests and organize a complete popular slate;
d. Failing in the above, the National Central Committee shall submit to the Chapter Directorates or Conventions the names of the contesting aspirants and the positions being contested;
e. Should the calling of a Convention be decided, then the matter of selection of candidates shall be included in the agenda; and
f. The National Central Committee shall approve all nominations which shall be properly authenticated.

SECTION 4. Selection of Candidates. In the event of the need for the calling of a convention in the selection of candidates for national or local positions, the following rules shall apply:

a. A Convention Committee shall be organized where all the factions are represented;
b. All the candidates or factions shall equally contribute to cover the expenses of such convention, the estimate of which shall be prepared by the Convention Committee;
c. Selections of candidates thru local conventions are appealable to the next Higher Chapter Directorate and finally to the National Central Committee.

SECTION 5. Electoral Campaigns. The National Central Committee and the corresponding Chapter Committees shall be primarily responsible for:

a. Organizing theit respective campaign committees;
b. Formulating the national and local platforms, identifying the issues and establishing Party positions thereon;
c. Propose measures or alternatives for a judicious selection of national and local candidates; and
d. Determine the extent of financial and other material support to the Party candidates, and the corresponding distribution mechanisms and other guidelines.

SECTION 6. Appointment of Party Representatives. The Provincial and City (Highly Urbanized Cities) Committees shall propose to the National Central Committee the officers or members who should represent the Party in the appointment of the Party’s representatives in the holding of elections. The National Central Committee shall designate such recommendees. When the National Central Committee is not in session, the Chairman, Party President or the Secretary-General shall make the designation in the order herein provided. All designations shall be reported to the National Central Committee.