My warmest greetings to all of you! In a few months we will all be feeling the effects of our country’s role in the international community especially in the ASEAN region. In 2015, the year where we have committed together with other ASEAN countries towards an ASEAN economic community, we will feel the effects not only in terms of goods and their influx but also on services and profession as well as businesses.

This means that we have to be ready for the impact of this integration. As a party, which has long become a partner of our government despite changes in administration, ought to be ready. We should be stronger and united in our stand and efforts as we continue to fulfil our vital role in government as well as the economy.

I take pride to be called a member of this party which has made a special mark in governance and the country’s history. We as one, was able to push and make policy strides and helped improve our countrymen’s quality of life.

In the home front, I also take this opportunity to remind everyone of our role in continuing efforts to help achieve inclusive economic growth for the nation.

Through the years, we have already laid down the foundation and tradition of excellence and service for this nation. Let us therefore think and strive for higher goals to obtain reforms where needed. Let us be true to our party’s goals and commitments to this country and to God.

May God bless us all in our plans, programs and actions!