Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition (NPC)

Party Manifesto

Our Vision

The Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition (NPC), with its leaders and members united, shall establish a system of governance that improves the quality of life of all Filipinos by addressing poverty, spreading prosperity and ensuring social justice.

Our Party

NPC is a principled, progressive and compassionate political party that promotes national pride, builds national unity and advances national interest.

Our Values

NPC puts the highest trust in the Filipino.

We are advocates of meaningful social changes and economic innovations. We support creators of wealth and opportunity for all Filipinos. We foster means of civic actions and build social coalitions.

Filipinos working together will move our nation forward. This is our national responsibility.

Our Commitment

We are steadfast in our desire to touch upon and improve the life of every Filipino. This unwavering commitment is anchored on trust, confidence and participation of our fellow Filipinos.

We have shared responsibilities for our shared future.