On July 23, 2013, Ka Frisco San Juan, the sturdy fixture of our Party for many years has decided to retire. Although Ka Frisco has reached the age of 91, his age seems to betray the zest, vigor and devotion he shows to the party. Many members deeply regret his decision, and rightfully so, since Ka Frisco’s solid service as our party president for over a decade has covered a good part of the history of NPC.

The many fine tributes accorded Ka Frisco speak of the high esteem in which he was held. And I personally join the many who hold Ka Frisco with deep respect and admiration. We are fortunate to have been benefited by his fine counsel and good example as a leader, derived from the wisdom that only the many years of his significant experience can bring. We were witness to the great sacrifices he has made on behalf of our party: tending to the office daily grind of activities, dealing with issues and concerns, big and small, giving his all sans any financial consideration. Watching this man in action makes you think there is no stopping Ka Frisco at all. And nothing can really stop Ka Frisco’s brand of ardor except such compelling reasons of age and health. All these and more attest to Ka Frisco’s remarkable loyalty and devotion to the party.

It is my sincere wish that the relinquishment of the cares which Ka Frisco has borne so faithfully will result in better health, longer life and continued happiness for him. We wish him all the best and may God bless him as he continue to enjoy life at its best.

On another note: Last November 12, 2013, the Chairman of our party, Faustino S. Dy, Jr., has appointed me Acting President, vice Ka Frisco. This is a great political party and it is a great honor to be its president. I am inconsequential when I think of my illustrious predecessors. The powers and prestige that NPC enjoys reflect so greatly the loyalty and devotion of their great talents to its cause. I hope I measure up. I deeply sense the great obligations of this position

and I shall regard it a privilege to advance the interest of the party with the greatest vigor I possess. I ask that team spirit and loyalty – two virtues that have made NPC the envy of many, foster even more during my watch.

I take this occasion to remind everyone to that fountainedhead of wisdom that our Chairman Emeritus has crafted many years back and from which our party has derived nourishment and vigor: “A political party that does not touch and improve the lives of the people has no reason to exist.” My devout wish this new year is that NPC become more eminently successful in hewing to this purpose.